Macro Financial Solutions | Readiness Engagement
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Readiness Engagement

Macro provides a 2-week assessment determining your organization’s ability to implement the Part 370 rule by April 1, 2020.  With access granted to a sample data set, you receive an independent assessment from Regulatory and FDIC-experienced consultants complete with actionable deliverables.

Are You Ready for Part 370?

  • Are you able to calculate insurance
    within your current systems?
  • Is your organization able to identify
    a unique insurable entity?
  • Is meeting the rule requirements
    impacting multiple departments?
  • Can you meet the 24 and 48 hour
    load and calculation requirements?

Get Results in 10 Days

Recordkeeping Requirements Review

Output files using DICETM

Deposit Insurance Coverage

Data Quality Review

Compliance Roadmap

Download the Macro Financial Solutions Readiness Engagement!