Macro Financial | FDIC Rules and Regulations
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In your build or buy decision, consider Macro.

Macro Financial Solutions has developed a suite of products focused on bank deposit data analysis and deposit account regulatory compliance.  We will work with your regulatory consulting partner to ensure that you are ready for your regulatory compliance needs.

Depositor Data Quality and Compliance Platform

A data bridge allowing for the ingest of bank deposit account information in preparation for regulatory compliance reporting activities. Data Bridge provides highly scalable data ingest capability to meet the needs of large amounts of transactional data across a variety of bank’s depositor systems. Thus enabling banks with high depositor volumes to assess compliance against regulatory mandates.

Part 370 Insurance Calculation Engine

A deposit calculation rules engine fully compliant with the Part 370 rules and related recordkeeping requirements. This component can be deployed as a standalone solution. The Calculation Engine can scale vertically and horizontally to perform millions of depositor insurance calculation per minute.

Part 370 Claims Management Suite

A deposit analytics tool used to support deposit insurability claims exception analysis. This component supports pre and post-closing processes as outlined in Part 370 Technical requirements. The component supports: determined insurance anomaly resolution; search and review accounts across the bank to determine correctness of calculated deposits and export output files in standard format.

Financial regulatory solutions, consulting
and compliance readiness.